• Mistress Maggie – Plastic Mummy Update

      Hi, Mistress Maggie here with news of my most recent site update. I have just added a session snippet to my website called ‘Plastic Mummy’. It gives a full account in words and photos of a scenario from a session I did with one of my slaves, who amongst other things relishes the idea […]

  • Mistress Maggie – My New Gynae Couch

    Hi, Mistress Maggie here, keeping you up to date with the latest news from my Chambers. I now have a superb, multi-positional, electric gynae couch that creates a bright and modern centre piece to my medical set-up in Preston. It’s been fun getting to grips with the remote control functions, my fetish guinea pig patients […]

  • Training for Mistresses

      Are you an inexperienced Mistress? Or perhaps wanting to become a Mistress? Or maybe wanting to learn to dominate your partner? I am one of the UK’s most experienced Mistresses and I have trained many other Mistresses who have gone on to successful careers as a professional Mistress. I have very well equipped premises […]

  • Mistress Maggie – New Strap-On Photos

      Hi Mistress Maggie here, keeping you informed of my latest updates. I have just updated my website with a new fetish photo-set called ‘Dildo Delights’. This photo-set shows six big pictures of me in my retro lingerie and one of my favourite strap-ons. Being a Dominatrix, I find nothing more natural than topping a […]

  • Mistress Maggie – Scrotal Inflation

    I am delighted to announce that a new procedure has been added to my medical repertoire. Scrotal inflation is now available in my Preston White Room. A full single use sterile kit is provided for each patient. So gentlemen, if you have ever fantasised about having a big heavy pair of balls swinging between your […]

  • Mistress Maggie’s New Fetish Feature

    Hi, Mistress Maggie here, keeping you up to date with my latest site updates. The latest addition to my website is an illustrated Fetish Feature called ‘Can you Cum?’ I often get emails asking me this very question or whether relief is included in sessions with my slaves. In this article the question is answered, […]

  • Mistress Maggie – A Centenary Session

    Hi, Mistress Maggie here, keeping you up to date with my latest news. I have recently had the pleasure of conducting my 100th session with one of my devoted slaves. To celebrate this landmark occasion an informal rubber themed event was arranged. Highlights included – a huge scrotal balloon inflation a commemorative portrait of Mistress […]

  • Mistress Maggie’s Leather Update

    I have just added a new Photo-Set to my webpages. The title sums is up. FULL BLACK LEATHER is available for you to view now, giving you something mighty leathery to drool over. Enjoy.

  • Mistress Maggie – Update from my Female Kingdom

    Hi, Mistress Maggie here keeping you up to date with my latest site updates. The latest addition to my website is a session snippet called ‘Slave in a Female Kingdom’. It gives details and photos of a scenario from a session with one of my many worshipful slaves. The session incorporated plenty of restrictive bondage […]

  • German Dominatrix Lisa in London!

    I am Dominatrix Lisa, Turkish born, raised in Germany and since many years now living in Flanders Belgium. Besides the German-Dutch Flemish accent I’m pretty smooth in English. And I speak and read a few words in Spanish aa well as Italian. Indeed, one gets to learn something being an international Femdom & Fetish Lady. […]